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What we test

Multi Point Inspection – What we test

Mechanical, Body & Interior Checks – During the pre purchase inspection, our Jaguar Land Rover technicians check all of the following mechanical, body and interior items.

Exterior Bodywork – Glass, Door locks, Fuel Filler cover/cap, Body damage, Body Corrosion, Mud Flaps, Bonnet catch, Bonnet Hinges

Engine Compartment – Coolant level/Condition, Coolant Leaks, Anti Freeze, Radiator/Cap, Hoses/Pipes, Drive Belts, Water Pump, Power Steering (oil level), Clutch Fluid, Brake Fluid, Engine Oil level, External Leaks (Upper engine), Engine Mountings, Carburettor/Fuel Injection, Turbo Supercharger, Fuel Pump/Pipes, Accelerator Links, Cold starting, Fast Idle (cold), Noise Level (cold), Excess Fumes/Smoke

Electrical Controls – Starting Systems/Ignition lock, Battery Condition, Battery Voltages, Headlights, Sidelights, Rear lights, Stop Lights, Indicators/Hazard lights, Reverse/Fog lights, Auxiliary Lights, Interior/Panel lights, Mirrors (electric), Controls/switches, Instruments, Horn, Wipers washers, Headlamp wash/wipe

Interior and Luggage Compartment – Seat adjustment, Seat belts, Mirrors (internal), Rear Parcel shelf, Boot/Tailgate lock  Front Suspension, Steering and Underframe, Engine underside leakage, Steering joints/ball joints, Steering box/rack, Chassis members, Power Steering (operation), Wheel hubs, bearings, Springs/suspension units, Pipes/hoses, Dampers (condition/leaks), Gaiters, Sub frames mountings, Suspension arms/mounts,Tie bars/anti roll bars, Corrosion Protection, Corrosion-floor/chassis


Exhaust System – Manifold, Pipes, Silencer(s) Catalyst, Heat shields/Mountings, Joints/couplings, System condition

Rear Suspension and Underframe – Springs/suspension bars, Anti roll bar, Dampers/bushes, Suspension, Location rods/fixings, Bump stops/gaiters, Wheel hubs/bearings, Pipes/hoses, Sub frames/mountings, Chassis members, Corrosion-floor/chassis Clutch and Transmission Fluid leaks, Cables/Adjustments, Hydraulic system, Linkage (wear), Casings, Mountings, Drive shaft assembly, Universal Joints, Backlash, Gaiters, Prop shaft(s), Bearings/supports

Fuel System – Tank, Tank Fixings, Fuel lines, Breather pipes, Evidence of leaks

Brakes – Master cylinder security, Fluid Leaks, Servo/power system, Flexible hoses, Pipes/connections, Discs/pads, Hand brake operation adjustment, Hand brake linkage, Pedal/linkage

Wheels and Tyres – Wheels, Trims, all tyres including the spare.

Road Test – The vehicle is road tested to ensure it performs correctly.

Final drive operation, Gearbox operation, Engine performance, Engine noise, Excess smoke, Overheating evidence, Auto changes/kick down, Instruments/controls operation, Steering wheel alignment, Clutch operation, Cooling fan operation, Steering effort, Hot restart, Road holding/stability, General steering/handling, Foot brake operation, Hand brake operation, Suspension noise, Warning Lights.

See our 150 Muli Point Inspection Check Sheet 

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