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Block Exemption Rules

February 26, 2019

Half of drivers wrongly think getting a car serviced by an independent voids warranty

Almost half of UK drivers believe getting their car serviced at an independent garage will invalidate their manufacturer warranty, new research has revealed.

The survey, by Halfords Autocentres, questioned 22,000 motorists and found that 44 per cent believed getting their car serviced by an independent garage would invalidate their manufacturer warranty.

However a ruling in October 2003, saw the EU introduce Block Exemption Regulation.

The legislation prevents a vehicle’s warranty being invalidated if serviced at a non-franchise dealer, provided manufacturer-approved parts are used.

To protect manufacturer warranty owners must ensure all work is carried out in line with the vehicle’s service schedule, and must retain documents of the work carried out.

Speaking at the Independent Automotive Aftermarket Federation’s (IAAF) 2019 annual conference in December, Mike Smallbone of the IAAF said: “The awareness of Block Exemption out in the field is slightly disappointing considering all the effort the aftermarket has into the ‘Right to Choose’, ‘Your Car Your Choice’ and ‘Right to Repair’ campaigns that we’ve seen over the years but it seems that sadly the message isn’t getting through.

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