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Vehicle Servicing

January 19, 2021

Motorists are being advised to keep their vehicles serviced and MOT’d during the third national lockdown following confirmation earlier this week that garages can remain open.

The AA warns cars which are not being used at all due to the lockdown may be more in need of a service then vehicles which are regularly driven.

The AA warned motorists that cars sat around for long periods of time “can lead to issues”.

“With many people either working from home or furloughed, some drivers may be tempted to just let their vehicle bypass the MOT date and only arrange it when they think lockdown restrictions will be eased.

“However cars sat parked up for long periods of time can lead to issues such as; battery faults, seized brakes and flat tyres.

“These are just some of the reasons why it is just as important, if not more so, to keep your car regularly maintained.

“There will be no MOT extension this time around, so car owners will need to ensure they fulfil their usual maintenance commitments.

“Likewise, servicing timescales still apply to keep a vehicle under warranty.

“Action throughout the lockdown could mean people can avoid a larger repair bill just as they want to start using their car again.”

The latest guidance states that “vehicle repair and MOT services” in England and Scotland can remain open.

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