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Performance & Sports Exhausts

Performance & Sports Exhaust Systems

Exhausts for the world’s finest cars….

Founded in London in 1973. Quicksilver are Sports Exhaust Manufacturer’s, producing superior exhausts for the world’s finest cars. Created from Stainless Steel that would last the life of the car.

Producing superior performance exhausts that are lighter, stronger, more efficient and enable personalisation. To enhance the pleasure of driving with a sound appropriate to the driver’s expectation.

Here at Les Pauls we can supply and fit the full range of Quicksilver exhaust systems for your Jaguar or Land Rover. Built from the highest quality materials in Great Britain means you have peace of mind for the quality and outstanding craftsmanship.

With a range that encompasses classic, prestige, and exotic Sports cars. Breaking the range down into three main categories;

Sports: The most popular range of systems catering for modern cars enhancing their sound and overall performance. Offering a choice of sound for many vehicle models to allow the Jaguar Land Rover enthusiast to personalise the experience.

Heritage Collection: A 3000 plus catalogue of systems dating back to 1902, supplying Stainless Steel systems that match the original. For over 35 years QuickSilver have produced and stocked systems for the likes of the Jaguar XK120. The popular Classics are still a very important part of our business.

Titan Collection: A bespoke service where QuickSilver strive to engineer the ultimate Exhaust systems. The exhausts included within the ‘Titan Collection’ are systems that have all the advantages of the ‘Sports’ range but QuickSilver have examined ways to reduce weight to a minimum by using alternative materials such as thin gauge stainless steel (.9mm), Titanium or Inconel in .7 or .9mm thickness. Some systems combine these materials to achieve the correct balance of strength, lightness and durability.

For your Jaguar or Land Rover personalisation. A choice of sounds, various tip styles, catalyst alternatives.

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