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Wheel Refurbishment

Refurbishment Process

Alloy wheel refurbishment process is done in six-stages:

Stage One: Pre alloy wheel refurbishment process inspection and preparation

During the alloy wheel refurbishment process, each wheel is individually assessed for surface damage and buckling, if welding or straightening is required we will advise the customer at this stage. Other damage such as stress fractures and cracking may only become apparent after the wheel has been stripped.
If tyres are fitted they are inspected for wear or damage prior to being marked up with the customer identification (and positioning on car if present)
The tyre is then removed from the wheel together with weights and valve.

Stage Two: Stripping the wheel back to bare metal

The wheel is placed in a chemical solution for several hours to remove all the old paint and lacquer and any accumulated deposits. We do this for every wheel to provide a perfect key for the subsequent paint and lacquer processes.
It is then thoroughly washed to remove all chemical deposits and dirt before being low pressure blasted to create the best possible surface condition.
Any repairs requiring welding to restore the surface of the rim or straightening of buckled wheel is undertaken at this stage having received customer authorisation.

Stage Three: Priming the wheel

The wheel is placed on a conveyor system that passes through an oven to remove any trapped air before moving into a spray booth for a coating of powder coating primer.
It then passes back into the oven to be baked to ensure curing has been completed.
The wheel is then left to cool to a temperature suitable for painting.

Stage Four: applying the paint and lacquer

The wheel is professionally spray painted both inside and outside before being flashed off in oven, then inspected for further coats if necessary.
Finally, a powder lacquer is applied to the face and inside (powder lacquers are highly durable) to protect the wheel from salt, brake dust and other elements.
The wheel then returns to the oven prior to final inspection when cool.

Stage Five: Quality Control

During the alloy wheel refurbishment process, each wheel is carefully inspected to ensure that the finish is as close as possible to the original factory finish.
We don’t let a wheel leave the factory unless we feel that it is 100% ready to go back to the customer.

Stage Six: Refitting and balancing (wheels with tyres only)

The wheel is matched up to the customer’s tyre.
A new rubber valve is inserted, except where a sensor or metal valves which are re-used and the tyre is put back on.
The wheel and tyre is balanced, using stick-on weights to the inside of the wheel.
Finally, the refurbished alloy wheel(s) is put back onto the car and the wheel nuts torqued.

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