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Land Rover Tuning FAQ’s

Land Rover, Range Rover Tuning Diagnostics FAQs;

Why do the manufacturers limit the power output of their engines?

The standard manufacturer tune is a compromise of hundreds of factors. Principally, the manufacturer must ensure a high degree of engine reliability across the worldwide market, taking into account factors such as:

During testing, manufacturers ‘tweak’ the tunes constantly to achieve individual results for individual tests, thus compromising the overall smoothness of the original tune. Performance Tunes are optimised for European and US driving conditions. As long as the manufacturer’s service schedule is adhered to, there is no reason why this extra power cannot be ‘unlocked’.

How will the emissions be affected?

All Land Rover Tuning is tested to ensure that they comply with UK emissions laws.

Is the tuning process reversible?

Yes. In the unlikely event that you require the Performance Tune to be removed, the process can be reversed without any side effects.

Are there any physical changes to the vehicle?

Not usually. Most Performance Tunes are ECM software downloads only. There will be no physical evidence that the engine has been uprated.

 Are there performance figures for all Performance Tunes?

No. It is impractical to produce graphs for all engine variations. There are simply thousands of variations in tunes. The power output of an engine will depend on age, oil condition, temperature, air pressure. The graphs that we provide are a sample of the complete range that we cover. They should be read as a proportional comparison between the pre-tune graph and the post-tune graph.

Are there any insurance implications?

Yes. Most insurance companies require you to notify them of any modifications to your vehicle. This includes modifications such as stainless steel exhausts or different alloy wheels. Some insurance companies will add a premium to your policy, others will not. Performance Tunes are invisible and it is impossible to detect that the engine tune data has been modified.

What are the benefits?


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